Google Earth and a Dell XPS 1710

I’d rank Tim Lauer and Quentin D’Souza as the biggest educational advocates for Google Earth but I’m right behind them.

I recently got a brand new Dell Computer. It’s loaded up with a great video card and beautiful screen. (It also has red LED lights that have caused odd looks and good natured teasing during meetings).

I found some great tips on the Google Earth blog on how to take advantage of a good video card when using Google Earth. So I made the adjustments listed on the site. Basically using all the high quality settings possible since by default some of these are turned off or at a lower level.

It made quite a difference. I created this video of my drive to work. I’ve made videos before within Google Earth Pro but this looks much better. Youtube’s compression is not indicative of the real output. Which reminds me, if you’re reading this in your RSS reader you won’t see the video.

I’m sure I’ll be making more of these.

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Rainy weekend, no golf and Google Earth

Rainy WeekendA total washout for a weekend thwarted my usual plans for golf. However, I still watched golf, read about golf and talked about it. I even made my wife watch “The Greatest Game Ever Played

I routinely tour a few courses on Google Earth every weekend. I did golf last week and using the measuring tool was able to track my tee shot on 18. I have a friend who tracks his jogging route, another who figured out how far it was around a slough on his farm and another who calculated the area of his acreage. These are just a few things done with the measuring tool which could be utilized even more within our classrooms.
Tee Shot on 18

When our school division looked at creating a standard image for our computers I requested Google Earth be on it. Beside the legitimate issue about bandwidth (which we really haven’t addressed)someone mentioned the they thought of Google Earth as a toy. It is a great deal of fun no doubt. There are constantly new hacks and ideas for using it. But as far as being only a toy, not a chance. Bringing context to stories, world events and history is … Read the rest

Smart Stories Smart Locations using Google Earth…John Kuglin

I heard John Kuglin last year at FETC and although Google Earth wasn’t available then, he was demonstrating some other satellite technology and sparked my interest and love of geography. This year, John spent his session demonstrating Google Earth. While there wasn’t much there I didn’t already know, I was enjoying the “oohs and aaaws” of the several hundred attendees many of whom had never seen or heard of Google Earth.

John Kuglin

I liked the title of his session: Smart Stories Smart Locations. The word “stories” and “conversations” may well have been the most used words at the conference which is fine by me. John not only showcased the amazing power and features of Google Earth but laid out an invitation to use it to tell stories. It might not seem like a natural fit but it really does have that potential. John continually pointed out the ability to discover tools and features not listed in any manual and that much of the potential of Google Earth is yet to be discovered but will be discovered by those willing to hack.

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