ECMP Pecha Kucha Reflection

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This is my second pecha kucha attempt. Last spring I used it for this class as a wrap up and felt it was quite successful and insightful.  My last class is on December 3rd but I thought I’d better model one for my students.

While I tried using the Keynote recording function, I was having trouble exporting to Quicktime and retaining the sound. Not sure what I did wrong. The flash export worked well but when I went home to record, not having a second screen meant not seeing my speaker notes. Doing it “off the cuff” ended up with too many “ums” and “ahs”. Just another reminder of the power of planning and the challenge of audio recording. When you’re under a time crunch you can’t afford to stray.

I finally exported the sans sound quicktime and added the narration in iMovieHD. 

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19:53 minutes worth of goodness

Alec Couros‘ presentation Open, Social, Connected really delivers on how to present for an online conference. The challenge of creating content for an online conference is a daunting and exciting adventure. While this year’s presentations were limited to 20 minutes or less, they weren’t and aren’t restricted to any specific format. We’ve yet to develop too many standards in what makes a good online presentation. I’m not ready yet to thrown down the rubric. There’s too much to be explored.

Where Alec wins is in his wise mix of media including public domain video and audio, thoughtful graphics and animation, green screen, humor and a personal touch. I’ve always enjoyed presentations that show me context. Who are you? Where do you live? David Warlick did a great job with this in prior keynotes and Clarence Fisher focused largely on place in his keynote last year. Alec begins his presentation by providing a context and allowing us to get comfortable with his content.

Since his content is about open content, Alec uses video from public domain to create transitions to his piece. In this way, it’s easy for us to follow.

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Podcast 41….Dan’s Video Project

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Dan Meyer  produced a fantastic 10 episode vodcast over the summer. We discuss his approach, his influences and the challenge of producing high quality, effective video.

Show notes:

Dan’s 10 videos
Ze Frank

David Simon
The WireGraphing Stories
Summer Camp Video

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My own interesting snippets

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Ever since I came across this set in flickr from Alan Levine, I’ve both admired and used several of these images in my presentations. Most recently I downloaded about 30 of them and simply ran them prior to a presentation.¬† Good way to set the mood.

I’ve consciously and subconsciously tried to recreate the idea a few times but decided today to begin a set of my own. Beginning with one I created earlier this month, I was inspired to capture a quote from the recent article in the NY Times on literacy. The quote isn’t necessarily true, it is a reflection of one perspective.

While I’ll likely continue to create images based on interesting quotes, I decided to scan my blog for recent quotes I thought were worthy of an image. Beginning with George Siemens quote about short attention spans and superficial learning. I went through an interesting process in finding what I felt was an appropriate image.

Using a Creative Commons search, I thought about searching for an image of multi-tasking. I found a few but felt the message here was not so … Read the rest