Tarot is really like a tool, a tool to facilitate talking about things. Instead of having a deck of cards, your meditations use a pen and paper. Instead of changing the shapes of the cards (a la tarot cards), your meditations use the letters you send. A tree stands for growth, a sun is energy, and a hand is connection. So, meditations can be used to touch a tree, a light bulb, your spirit guide, or yourself. Each medium has different meditations to suit a variety of needs and preferences. You can create meditations in minutes. The sooner you start, the better. Creating a meditating environment? Creating an environment that facilitates the practice? Maybe an energy system? Of course, you can use each medium to represent a different element (Fire, Water, and Earth are in the Sanguine color wheel). These meditations are simple and simple in form. They don’t require lengthy exercises. How about giving you some instructions?

The Joy of Adding Tarot Meditations

So, whether you’re an experienced tarot reader or just starting out, you can start some meditations. The key to creating meditations is to start small. With each step, your meditation will begin to feel more and more solid. So, practice goes beyond just watching the cards come in and out of your deck. Practice integrating the meditations into your daily life. You can start meditating before you go to bed, instead of standing there alone. Imagine how your life might change if you had an opportunity to fully engage with your guides.

You see, this is the power of the tarot. It’s the mystery. That’s what makes it so accessible and powerful to so many people. In just a few minutes of time, you can begin to feel a connection to the whole universe and to others. Tarot has so many beautiful aspects to it. When you understand that these powerful tools are about energy and personal growth, it makes life seem so much simpler. You have the power to work with yourself and to this world. You can build a life that fits in perfectly with your unique set of values, and you can live in harmony with everyone around you.

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