It's been quite a while since I've been blown away but technology. You'd have to look way into the archives to find me blogging about a gadget, software or a web tool. But I'm breaking that streak today. On Saturday I picked up the iphone 4 which if you live in Canada you realize that's quite an accomplishment in and of itself. But the phone didn't really grab my attention right off. I knew the camera was much improved from the 3G model which is the one I had and noticed the HDR icon on the screen. Not having a clue what HDR was, I simply knew it was taking 2 pictures every time I had it enabled. I couldn't see a big difference in the images so I started my research and happened upon this video.


Although he says the HDR Pro does not work with the latest iOS, it now does. So I spent the $2 to download the app. That's when the magic happened. During my walk tonight the fall colours were pretty spectacular as well as the sunset so I saw great images all over. Using the Pro HDR app, I snapped about 8 photos that each had me in awe. Outside of some heavy lifting with Aperture or Photoshop, you'd never be able to attain this…at least I wouldn't. 

Although I've posted nearly 10,000 photos to flickr in the last 5 years I don't consider myself much of a photographer as compared to many of my colleagues. They may or may not be impressed with this but when I look at the photos I've taken over the past few days, I'm rejuvenated by the possibilities. I have no idea if this has any implications for the classroom but as someone who has been learning about imagery and photography, this excites me.  I've not had this feeling since I learned how to create a flash button in Dreamweaver. 


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