January 3, 2010

Have Students, Will Outsource

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Amber and Dani

I'll be teaching a new session of advanced computers and technology with pre-service teachers at the University of Regina from January to April. In previous introductory courses I've had my students become mentors for classrooms around this world. The chance for my students to connect with great teachers and becoming involved in classrooms in a variety of ways is often the most powerful learning they experience.

For the upcoming term I'd like to offer my students a chance to take that experience a little bit deeper. Instead of randomly posting to blogs or occasionally Skyping into classrooms, I'd like teachers to suggest a project, or teaching opportunity for my students to explore. 

The project might be a chance to teach a short series of lessons, build some tutorials, create some podcasts or videos. These are some suggestions but generally the idea would be for a group of my students, either pairs or threes would create or make something for you and your students. I"m open to other ideas but want my students to be involved in creating something of value using technology and working with/for a real classroom teacher.  Even if you have a thread of an idea but aren't quite sure exactly how it might work, I'd still like to have you apply. I'll do my best to work with you to narrow down what might work.

I've been so blessed to have many great teachers who have participated with this over the years. If you're one of those, I'd love to have you join again. I'll likely take about 15 or so classrooms. 

I would ask my students to contact you by the end of January to establish the nitty gritty of the project and work with you over the next few weeks with projects completed by the end of March or first week in April. 

Interested? If so, fill out this form. If you have more questions, email me shareski at gmail.com. If you think others might be interested, forward this, tweet it or send them my way.