Words, Phrases and Acronyms that Bug Me

In no particular order.

  • PLN (too inside baseball)
  • 21st Century Learning/Skills (everyone has a different idea of what it means, plus how far into the century do we have to go before we stop using it)
  • Web 2.0 (most people have no idea what Web 1.0 was)
  • preso (I want to take a shower after hear that word, very used car salesmanishy)
  • calling a movie a slideshow (happens when you create a video with a lot of stills)
  • "at this point in time" (a fancy way of saying now)
  • "that being said" (a fancy way of saying but)
  • "could care less (wait. what are you saying?)
  • 'za' as in let's get some '[piz]za' (I can honestly say I've only heard this used on very rare occasion but I would have to punch you if you said it. Almost as bad as 'coff" for "coffee")
  • calling a blog post, a blog. "That's a great blog you wrote today"
  • Speedy Creek (only SK folks will get that one, I could never call Moose Jaw, "The Jaw")
  • LOL (this might well be the first time I've ever typed that)
  • Peeps (I could never be cool enough to use that term, plus a barely know what it means)

I'm not losing any sleep or anything, just wanted to get that off my chest. Now it's your turn. Whaddya got?

cc licensed flickr photo shared by tomswift46