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I certainly haven’t gone through all the K12 presentations and likely won’t. Like my RSS reader, I’ll look at the ones that capture my attention and imagination, focus on presentations of those already in my network (by the way, as Jeff Utecht points out we choose our network and generally attend to their work first.  I have an awesome network and feel the stuff they produce is by in large the best in education) and then graze through the others.

Scanning the K12 blog, I noticed a comment left by Clarence Fisher on Ben Wilkoff’s presentation. His comments made me take a look immediately. Being that I’ve been downloading them via itunes, it was easy to begin to watch it.

Ben’s presentation is definitely steeped in philosophical or big picture thinking. For me that’s important. In particular his definition of authentic learning truly is powerful.

For some, this presentation lacks the “how to” nature many of the other presentations provide. But like any conference, not every presentation is meant for everyone. If you are involved in supporting and moving towards change, this presentation is not only well designed but provides some key concepts in moving towards authentic, relevant learning.

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