How have Laptops influenced your learning?

For me there is no single device that has transformed my learning more than my laptop. The mobility, connectivity of this tool enables learning to be ubiquitous.

Are there any of you out there who prefers a desktop computer?  I can’t imagine but if so, do tell.

I’ve been pushing for our school division to move towards laptops. I’d love teachers to have a choice in their classroom to have a laptop as opposed to a desktop. Budget constraints and technical support are two stumbling blocks but we are finding ways to make this happen.

I’m looking for testimonials/data/ammo to continue to support my belief that a laptop computer is fundamental in allowing teachers to experience the power of connected learning.  Believe me, I understand it’s more than about giving a teacher a laptop but I’m simply arguing that laptops are exponentially more powerful than desktops in the advancement of learning.

Leave a response, link or a challenge to my thinking.