July 3, 2007

Match the blogger with their desktop

This post was last updated on December 12th, 2011 at 03:17 pm

Other than the few that I mentioned in my original post, no one else bit. I was going to try a little matching game but it would likely be too easy. So here are the results and my analysis as to why they are indeed their wallpaper.

Tim Lauer …leaves twitter to play catch with Nando.
Steve Dembo….corporate…claims he was doing a presentation at the
time. I hope there’s a baby or Cub image now 😉
Alan Levine (uses a rotating image script of which this is one) seeking
relief from the Phoenix heat.
Stephen Downes…a true east coaster
D’Arcy Norman …Mr. Maui…seeking warmth from the Calgary cold.

All have some other great images on flickr. As a subscriber to their photos, these come as no surprise. If you think you know who someone is by their reading their blog, try looking at their photos. What is that saying about a picture being worth…?