You are your desktop wallpaper

I was perusing the EdubloggerCon photos and was trying to attach names to faces. Some were fairly recognizable but few names were tagged. This photo from Brian Crosby caught me eye. The gentleman in the bottom left has a large baseball for his wallpaper. I immediately figured it was Jeff Utecht and I was right. Jeff’s passion for baseball is revealed during his many twitter updates on Mariner’s baseball which he follows closely despite the time difference in Shanghai.

I commented on his blog and he let me know that it was a bit weird. This is part of the appeal of twitter as it tends to allow people to share more personal information among friends. (So maybe I shouldn’t be blabbing it here?…too late Jeff). It builds community and provides an opportunity to mini-blog without too much thought given its 140 character limitation. Many others have written much better stuff on twitter so I won’t go on too much here. Read Alan’s twitter stuff to understand it better.

So I thought it might be fun to play a little game. Email me a link to your current wallpaper or attach it and a link to your blog. If I get at least 5, I’ll set up a little matching game. I’d especially like these because they are major flickrites.

  • Tim Lauer
  • D’Arcy Norman
  • Stephen Downes
  • Steve Dembo
  • Alan Levine
  • Any EdubloggerConner or NECCer would be great

In case you had any doubt, here’s my current wallpaper:
8th green

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