Keyboarding vs. Texting

Ian Jukes in his presentation yesterday, talked about the need for students to be able to keyboard to the point of transparency. (This video features this idea) He also talks about using a word processor as the format. He also talked about this in terms of the ability to write.

Something is missing.

This story (via Lorne Henklemen) suggests texting might be something we should be teaching. But I’m not sure we even need to teach this. The key idea here is about communication: not writing exclusively, not keyboarding, not even texting. Warlick and Fyer are among the many who talk about storytelling and information and avoid focusing on the tools or even the means. It’s interesting to me that we continue to dredge up old and tired issues that focus on format and tools rather than the content and communication and sharing of ideas.

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Image: Ilsa’s first text message