TLT/IT Summit 2007 Ian Jukes

This is the keynote of Ian Jukes at the TLT/IT Summit 2007 in Saskatoon, SK

ian jukes-Goal is to irritate not educate

-5 monkeys analogy

TTWWADI (That’s the way we’ve always done it)

-4 foot 8 1/2 inches is the measurement of current railways based on Roman chariots

Kids today are different…mature 2.5 years ahead

-children’s brains are adapting to a digital age

-DFL Digital as a First Language

-Scientifically proved that 50% of brain development occurs after 3 years of age

-Neuroplasticity…brain making new connections and crave new thinking patterns

-Refers to Steven Johnson’s Everything Bad is Good For You

-Brain is like a tree. Unused portions will be pruned and most used connections will thrive

The Human Brain Project

-eye processes visual 60,000x faster than text

-Headware issue not a hardware issue

-4 things to improve learning

-connection to past experience (learning is personal)
-previous experience determines if and how they will learn
-learners have to be given multiple, differentiated opportunities
-students need consistent feedback and have their learning immediately assessed

Today’s assessments just do not measure what kids and how kids learn

Kids do not have short attention spans for video games, music or things that interest them.

Who really has the learning problem?

We need to honor and respect where they’ve come from

How do we get there? Go out and experience:

  • Zits
  • youtube
  • Skype
  • 2nd Life
  • MySpace

We need to provide a counter balance to their world but must understand and honor their world first.

Would your students be there if they had a choice?

Difficulty is everyone is going in different directions.

PD like this without follow-up is malpractice.

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