Google just keeps getting better

Anyone who has read my blog regularly knows how I feel about Google Earth. It is all that and more. I spent an hour today listening to Hall Davidson and learned a few more tricks to add to the toolbox.

Just now I found out that Google Maps now offers online mashups that are incredibly easy to create.  Made this map in about a minute and easily embedded flickr images.

I’ve decided to offer some sessoins in our division for teachings interested in developing content and learning opportunities for students. I truly believe every teacher needs to be able to use this either to use existing files and resources or create their own. I’m considering 3 half days over 3 weeks to help teachers develop this for a variety of classroom purposes.

In addition, I’ll be presenting at Alan November’s Building Learning Communities this summer in Boston. Although my session is called, “Moving beyond the WoW factor…” that’s going to be tough. I’ve been using it since its inception and I still am awed.