March 12, 2007

Barriers to Web 2.0 Survey

Living a digital life and being immersed in the Web 2.0 world I forget that most haven’t even begun to explore this world. Quentin was quoted in the CBC article about Darren and Clarence that

Darren and Clarence are those one-per-centers that are leaders,” agreed Quentin D’Souza, an elementary resource teacher with the Toronto District Catholic School Board. “Once you move 10 or 15 per cent of the teaching population in that direction, the rest will follow. There’s a big change going on in society, and we need to think about different ways to interact with that change.

From time to time, I’m compelled to consider the wide gap between educators using the tools of Web 2.0 and those who aren’t. Those of us (the one percent) who use them likely believe all teachers and students would benefit from these tools when implemented correctly.  I’ve got some thoughts as to why I think they aren’t being used fully, but wanted your opinion first. I’ve created a very short 5 question multiple choice survey that I’m hoping you’ll take.
Click here to take survey
Feel free to link to this and I’ll share the results in a while.  Scott Mcleod’s survey provided insights into personal blogging but this one focuses on barriers. The survey is limited to 100 but that should provide a reasonable sampling.