March 8, 2007

SaskInteractive….Mobile content and on-line marketing

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Virgina Thompson TV show where kids and create episode ideas interact with the website to develop ideas

CornerGas…going to be on WGN in Fall

  • Discusses the power of content creation in all media. Importance of presences on youtube, myspace, TV.
  • Going to design a treasure hunt of sorts to promote in the US. Give away free episodes online to try and build the fan base.
  • Beginning to build “mo-bisodes”.
  • Haven’t been released beacuse they haven’t been able to create a wider platform…all phones and services.
  • Not worried about copyright issues for their shows on Youtube. Just happy folks are talking about the show.
  • Make sure you have good stuff for people to “steal”.

Thoughts:  Interesting perspectives on using variety of media and also the copyright issues. Make sense to me.