July 7, 2006

1 Year, 1 Paperclip for 1 house

Many of you may have heard of the fellow from Montreal who has been trying to trade a red paperclip for a house. This week he will accomplish his goal.
Will Richardson mentioned this at one of his sessions at NECC. I’m assuming he used it to illustrate the power of the internet to express and explore ideas and make connections. This experiment reminds me of two other recent web ventures. One is the million dollar homepage and the other is the guy who sold all his stuff on ebay. These rather obsure ideas illustrate the possibilities of the web. The ideas behind these innovative projects need to be examined by teachers and their students. Are these “new stories“? Perhaps have students do some research and reflection on why these ideas work.

On a personal note, the house he will be getting is in Kipling, Saskatchewan which is about 100 miles from my house. Before gaining permanent employment in Moose Jaw, 18 years ago, I interviewed for a job in Kipling.