WikiSpace and Blogger Integration

This might be interesting.

I haven’t used wikis alot but mostly because it requires collaboration and some training. I did a workshop on wikis a while back and showed folks wikispaces. It seemed to offer the standard tools and was fairly intuitive. Now they’ve added blogger and typepad integration. So I’m following the instructions to export this entry.

  1. First, make sure you have integrated your blog on Wikispaces as described above.
  2. When creating a blog entry, put the following text at the bottom of your post: [ [wiki:spacename:pagename] ] e.g. [ [wiki:adam:politics] ]
  3. Post the blog entry
  4. Within half an hour you’ll see one or two things happen
    1. The blog post will be appended to the wiki page you specified
    2. If you’re on blogger, the text you entered will be converted into a nice looking Wikispaces reference with the Wikispaces logo and the text “This entry is linked to a Wikispaces page” and some other detail

Okay so instead of a comment, go to the wiki and play around.

This entry linked to <a>Wikispaces page (Blogger Export)</a>