April 15, 2005

Math teachers unite!

I recently discovered a few Math teachers blogging. This is great. There has been a strong trend towards developing language skills in mathematics and many teachers are moving in this direction.

Here are three math teachers using blogging in their classrooms.

  • Mr. Fort in Georgia…has set up blogs for his students and is trying to developing reflection and discussion
  • Mr. Kaminski in Alberta.
  • Mr. Kuropatwa from Winipeg, Manitoba has one specifically for his students where they are the contributors as well. He also has a personal blog
  • Mr. Tubbs from Ohio…writes about technology integration in general and has some neat ideas about using Flickr with students. His own flickr site has some nice math photos.

Each one has come up with their own way of using blogs but reading bits and pieces of their postings you sense some thoughtful beginnings and interest.

These are obviously three teachers who value language and its role in mathematics. One even has his students watch the CBS series NUMB3ERS which features crime investigation using mathematics. All this stuff is helping make math cool….some would say it always has been cool.