March 14, 2005

Wikis and WordPress

I finally got around to looking at Jotspot. I managed to set up a wiki for our Assessment and Evaluation Committe as well as my University class.

This looks like a potentially powerful tool.

Our IT dept. installed WordPress today. I played with it a bit and managed to have them install a few templates. I still need more time to explore it but I know many bloggers in education use it. ( I listened to a podcast from a WordPress user this morning, Steve Dembo aka teach42)
Not that we’re ready for it yet but as over the past few days, I recieved several requests for blogs and would like to offer more options than blogger even though up until this point, it serves my purposes.
Have a look at the WordPress blog. If you have any good tutorials on using it, please post them. I haven’t looked for any yet.