Who’s Got My Attention?

John Pederson is slightly obsessed with this question and Ewan recently explored this idea as well. I see the Edublog awards are upon us. I'm not going to provide you with my lists but instead offer you some people I've been paying attention to and why you might too. While there are many folks that have my attention pretty much everyday, I hope I can offer you some people that deserve a bigger audience. I remember when Scott Mcleod did this a time or two. 

Shelley Wright. Shelley is a local teacher who recently started telling her story of change. If you want honesty, transparency and some inspiration from a classroom teacher making big shifts this is the blog for you. Start here.

Zac Chase

Photo by Jschinker


Zac Chase. Okay so there's a bit of a trend here in that these are both High School English teachers. Not that they write exclusively about their classes but Zac is just a smart dude that folks ought to pay attention to. Start here.

Chris Kennedy

Photo by: Mola


Chris Kennedy. Chris is a rare breed. A superintendent who is doing some great writing, sharing and tweeting. Start here




So there are a few folks who have grabbed my attention as of late. I could give a few more but I hope one, two or all three of these people might be people you add to your reader. You do use a reader right? Don't simply use twitter as your rss feed. You need to go on a bit of a journey with people and read more than simply a smattering here and there. Consider this your chastisement for the day.

What about you? Anyone I should be paying attention to? Bonus points if you find me someone from outside North America

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  • http://allanahk.edublogs.org/ Allanah King

    Here’s a couple for bonus points.

    Pam Hook with http://artichoke.typepad.com/artichoke/

    Jamin Lietze with http://lietze.edublogs.org/

    Derek Wenmoth with http://blog.core-ed.org/derek/

    • http://ideasandthoughts.org Dean Shareski


      It seems Jamin’s blog is gone.

  • http://educationalchangemanagement.blogspot.com/ tcomfort

    you know about Kim Cofino

    • http://ideasandthoughts.org Dean Shareski

      Yes. Kim writes great stuff.

  • http://www.teachwatts.com Dana Watts

    In addition to Kim, I would like to suggest Jeff Utecht: http://www.thethinkingstick.com, both are incredible mentors and inspire me to be a better educator.

    • http://ideasandthoughts.org Dean Shareski

      Jeff was one of the first blogs I subscribed to nearly 5 years ago. Always great stuff. I really am on the look out for the lesser known folks, the ones who perhaps haven’t been blogging for very long but are churning out gold.

      • http://www.teachwatts.com Dana Watts

        I am one of the lesser known types that was lucky enough to work with Kim and Jeff in Bangkok. They have inspired so many of their colleagues to write, collaborate, and re-evaluate the way we look at education. They have inspired me, as do you. Thank you.

  • http://kimcofino.com/blog Kim Cofino

    @tcomfort & @teachwatts

    Thanks so much for bringing my name up here!


    I’m couldn’t be more flattered to hear that you think I’m actually *not* lesser known :)

  • http://www.downes.ca Stephen Downes

    Thanks, I’ve subscribed to all three (so tell them to keep posting).

  • http://allanahk.edublogs.org/ Allanah King

    Sorry about that.

    Jamin has moved his blog. It is now at http://lietze.org/