Handle with Care

For the second year in a row, I was asked to produce a video for a local cancer fundraising event called The Concert of Hope. Last year they  raised over $100,000 in one night that featured three recording artists, an auction and my videos. While last year I created three, this time I only created one five minute feature on Sherilee who, in the past year has experienced some hope in her battle.

As I mentioned in my post last year, dealing with someone’s story of cancer is quite a task, you don’t edit flippantly. Each decision goes through a much more stringent process than other projects I’ve done. Part of my challenge this time was all I had was a 15 minute interview with no b-roll footage.  In the end, I think her story stands fine on its own. Very little however is in sequence. The last part is from the middle, the middle is from the beginning of the interview and the beginning is from the end of the interview.

Although I didn’t think about a soundtrack till after I had done a draft cut, I struggled finding a soundtrack I really liked. In the end, I choose a piece by Marc Shaiman (I know I violated some copyright rules) since to me it featured some crescendos and diminuendos that I knew was what I wanted to highlight. The music is intended to add a layer that completes the story.  As I added the track, I had a few timing issues. As a result I had to use longer than desired black screens between clips. At first I simply left them black but realized that because of their length, viewers at the concert may be confused and think the video was over. I decided to add the titles to alleviate that possibility. I would have preferred to leave them black but had to consider the audience and context in which it will be viewed.

I’m constantly scouring media to find great interview videos. At the core, these are built around a great narrative. Just like with presentations, the story, the message should be able to stand on its own. Creating imagery and a viewing experience that adds to the story is difficult as the tendency is to over use extraneous elements and inadvertently taking away from the story. I hope I didn’t do that here.