Outside the Classroom: Episode 3 with Porter Palmer

My dear friend Porter and her husband Bill “have been living in a van down by the river.” Okay, bad joke but they have been living out of a trailer and now motorhome for several years. I had the pleasure of working with Porter during my time at Discovery Education and she has become not only a great friend but her and Bill’s lifestyle has always fascinated me. I’ve known much of what she shares here but had never captured their full story. Here you go.

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Outside the Classroom: Episode 1 with Andi Arnold

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So excited that this is the premiere episode. Andi Arnold aka Smack Skellington talks about her journey into roller derby, the power of community and diversity. What a joy to spend time with this wonderful teacher from Idaho.

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Outside the Classroom: Conversations With the Most Interesting Educators Trailer

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Time to fire up the old podcast machine. I’m really excited about this series which will feature conversations with educators about anything except education. Well, that’s not entirely true but what this isn’t is a dive into education but into the people who lead really interesting lives outside of education. Gary Stager says, “the best thing you can do for children is to be an interesting adult. That’s what I’m looking for: interesting adults. You’ll meet educators who are into cooking, roller derby, boy bands, backyard curling and remote living just as a start. Subscribe to your favourite feed. Enjoy.

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