November 23, 2011

And now for something different

I'm a fan of change and new. Particularly when I believe it's for the better. But even when I'm not sure, I don't mind a little risk.

It's with that spirit that I begin a new journey in January. I'll be joining Discovery Education and serving as the DEN (Discovery Educator's Network) Community Manager. The job will be largely about developing and expanding the Discovery Educator network here in Canada. In the US, the DEN is a vibrant community of exemplary educators passionate about teaching and learning with technology. My job is to develop a similar community across Canada. In many respects it will allow me to continue what I've been doing in Prairie South but now potentially be supporting exponentially more teachers. I'll be based out of my home and spending a fair bit of time traveling, visiting schools, working with teachers, presenting at conferences and fostering community in whatever way I can. 

I began talking with the folks from Discovery back in May as we explored a potential position. This particular position didn't exist. We spent several months brainstorming what the job might look like. In the end, the posting was made public in October. When I read the job description, I felt like I wrote it.

I would be very hesitant joining a for profit business except for the fact that I have the utmost respect for people like Steve Dembo, Hall Davidson, Scott Kinney, Andy Schaefer and Lance Rouguex. These are high quality individuals. Many of these folks I've known for years and it's been evident their passion and focus lies in helping teachers. That will continue to be my focus as well.

I'll be taking a year leave of absence from my current position. This allows me and my family to decide if this job is a good fit for our family. Certainly increased travel will be a factor. It's nice that Prairie South offers that option. You can even apply for my job if you like. My years at Prairie South have been simply wonderful. I've had the opportunity to try many things and work with some outstanding people. If you've been reading this blog for a while you've seen me brag often about the work we do here. 

I'll continue to teach at the University of Regina. That's such a foundation for me as I can honestly tell people I'm still a teacher. It's something I truly wouldn't want to give up. I love teaching. 

Unless you work in Prairie South, our relationship probably won't change much. In fact, if you're in Canada, chances are you'll be getting to know me even more. We could be working together. If there's any way I can help, just ask. 

Thanks to everyone who reads this. In many ways you're the reason I'm able to have this opportunity. I'll try and do good work.