March 8, 2007

Sask Interactive…..Virtual Worlds, Real People

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John Lester
John Lester Blogged Live Intro to Second Life

  • Free to access
  • All about the way we interact in the real world
  • Shared experiences
  • 150+ square miles
  • 4 million users
  • Live Video and audio concerts
  • Tools to create whatever and share
  • Cool time lapse video showing 4 people build a house together
  • Emotional bandwidth…the use of real world emotions and cues rather than emoticons
  • Avatars range from very realistic to surreal and fantasy like


Have a look at this video to see the potential of Second Life 

Thoughts: Need to do some work with this. Certainly many are discovering its potential but like the web, it can be different things for different people but there’s something for everyone. [tags]secondlife education johnlester[/tags]