4 Cool Tools

Here are three free tools that I’ve discovered this week. I haven’t had the chance to fully explore them all but my first impressions are good.

  • ProtoPage….based on AJAX technology, this page allows you to create, edit and customize your page. I haven’t paid much attention to ajax but know it’s used with other services like Netvibes and others. This might be a great application for and teachers and students to create temporary spaces. Here’s one I created for our consultants. Try either of these web apps, it’s quite cool.
  • FreeMind…this one comes courtesy of DanToday. I might be one of the only educators not to use Inspiration. At first glance this might be a nice alternative. Probably not as easy to use but for quick graphically maps, it seems quite powerful. I work with a number of people who like graphics/charts/maps as products of discussion.

  • YackPack…thanks to Wes Fryer for this one. Web-based voice messaging allows you to create groups and leave voice messages. I like the simple interface. I’ve already started using this one with the Posse and Wes had open invitations to his disruptive technology group.
  • Pandora…Not sure if this is a tool persae, but certainly is interesting. You can create your own personal radio station based on an artist or song. It analyzes songs based on its musical components so making recommendations are more likely to match your taste. You also decide whether or not you want a particular song included in your station. There have been other services similar to this but in terms of matching your musical tastes, this one seems a cut above.