Weird Stuff

Here’s a collection of weird stuff I’ve come across over the past few days.

  1. Animated stereograms. Remember those 3-D pictures from 10 years ago where you had to look cross-eyed to see the image behind the pixels? Here’s a video version of the same thing. You’ll have to watch it a few times to see it. via Dave Weinberger
  2. Million Dollar Homepage. I only wish I thought of this one. Alex Lew, a college student thought he could sell a million pixels of webspace a dollar at a time. He started 2 months ago and now has over half a million dollars. I’d say his education is now paid for. via Alan Levine
  3. 250,000 Bouncy Balls. A new commercial for a plasma tv sees a quarter of a million bouncy balls relaesed in San Francisco.
  4. The Drive Home videoblog. I’ve done a podcast from my vehicle which makes sense when you commute. I don’t, that’s why I’ve only done it twice. This guy uses a video camera during his daily half hour commute in Massechussets.