September 17, 2005

EdTech Posse Podcast #6

This was our back to school podcast. Each of us cited 2 of our favourite tools for educators/students.

Here are Rob’s excellent show notes:

Dean’s picks

  • Furl – a social bookmarking tool, also providing RSS feeds and caching of content. Spurl, Jots and Raw Sugar were also mentioned (and I think that Digg is also pretty cool). All of these are free, web based services.
  • Google Earth is a seriously fun program capable of eating up much of your time. Only for Windows at this time, but Google maps is similiar. The basic edition is free, but more bells and whistles are available for cash.

Rick’s picks

  • Delicious Library creates a virtual copy of your bookshelf and keeps track when you lend out copies. Sounds cool! This is commercial software, but well worth it according to Rick.
  • Notebook from is a virtual notebook. You can add any sort of content, organize it however you’d like, and search it with the greatest of ease. This is Mac-only paid software; again Rick says it is worth the cost.

Alec’s picks

  • Not an actual product, but Alec emphasized the convenience of having a good web hosting service (he uses and recommends Advanced Network Hosts, especially with the convenience of cPanel for administering the hosting service, and the Fantastico installer which easily installs many different kinds of open source software.

At this point the sound dies off unexpectedly – argggghhhh! Sorry Alec!

Rob’s picks

  • My first pick is GMail. Whadda great service! If you want to demonstrate to someone what Web 2.0 is all about, you could use this as an example. I’m especially happy about the labelling, filters (including great spam filters), and the ability to search my e-mails using all the power of Google. Its free, although you still need an invite to join outside of the U.S. Contact me if you are interested in getting a free GMail account.
  • I didn’t mention it on the podcast, but I must pay tribute to Audacity, a professional quality sound editing package. I use it for the post-production of the podcast, and it works so well that I can do this even though I have no idea what I’m doing! It is free, open source software available for Mac, Windows and Linux. If you are podcasting, or thinking of producing your own podcast, I rate Audacity as a must have tool!