September 6, 2005

Is it the Format or the Content?

I like the observations by this professor. He says:

You have to keep giving the information to them in a new format,she said. “The format is everything because that makes them look at it differently. These new tools I have will only be good for a year and them I’’m going to need some new ones! That’’s going to be the trick for us – trying to keep always one step ahead so that we’’re showing them something new and exciting that makes them want to do more of it.

The new tools being things like blogs, wikis, Rss, flickr, etc…you know Web 2.0 or Read/Write Web. Some people would argue that content is the only thing that matters and is some ways it is. Good literature is timeless. Scientific principles are important so is basic math. But they way students best handle this content is to be able to interact and use the tools tfamiliar familar with. So many teachers I work with don’t like technology because it changes too quickly. That’s the point. No sense in trying to maintain because formats will always be changing.

This isn’t a new message but what struck me is that the new technology was used to create greater interaction with students and increase socialization. Dave Weinberger argues that computers can increase social interaction. Today’s world is conundrumsnundrums. I don’t mind it.