June 11, 2005

Podcast two…What about Bob?

This podcast is a response to a podcast heard earlier in the week from David Warlick. He has a great interview with Bob Sprankle, an elementary teacher in Maine. Bob describes the learning in his classroom. It’s a learning environment that I believe educators should be trying to create. My podcast examines why I think many of our teachers have not adopted this approach.

On the technical side, I encoded the mp3 at a 32kbps rate which is a fairly low quality but resulted in a 2.2MB file for a 12 minute podcast (sorry to go over my prescribed 10 minute limit…I’m learning). Let me know if I should up the quality level.

Show notes:
David Warlick
Bob Sprankle
Bud the Teacher

If you disagree with any of my reasons or feel I’ve left some out, which I have, join the conversation and leave a comment or write about it in your own space.