It’s not all bad

USA Today has an interesting story on how video games can promote physical activity. An insurance agency is testing the game Dance Dance Revolution to see if it can help kids lose weight. The results thus far are quite postive. My kids play the game regularly so I can attest to the vigourous workout it provides.

Using video games for educational purpose is being explored more and more.

After the recent study out of Munich on how computers are bad for kids and the perception that computers are promoting isolation and contributing to declining social skills, this article once again shows how technology is just a tool and can be used for developing postive characteristics. Many edu-bloggers will attest to the fact that blogging for example, is contributing to better socialization. Blanket statements regarding technology are dangerous and somewhat ignorant.

Those of us involved in ed tech need to keep our clients (students, teachers, administrators, parents, media…okay everyone!) aware of how technology is as powerful as its users decide. Perhaps the principal in Vermont should rethink his decision to ban blogging.