October 5, 2007

K12 Online Conference 3 Reasons to Participate

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I’ve been tagged by “The Commissioner” also known as Brian Smith to provide 3 reasons to participate in K12 Online.  I haven’t looked at all the memes on this but I”m sure there are a couple that will be in everyone.

So here are mine:

  • Real classroom teachers sharing deep insights into their work
    • Clarence Fisher.….I’ve read Clarence’s blog but never heard him give a presentation
    • Brian Crosby….another teacher doing very cool stuff
    • Konrad Glogowski…Assessment and Evaluation is a major part of my work
    • lots of good friends who have already been a big part of my learning.
  • The sheer number of hours the planning committee puts into this demands my support. These are good people whose only purpose is to provide top quality learning opportunities to the world.
  • You get to participate. Between Fireside chats, Night Falls and even commenting, you are allowed to contribute as well.

I have some serious reservations about my own presentation but like the fact that others will be able to support, challenge and actually provide feedback about it. While I would love it to be a polished complete presentation, I feel like I’m  presenting to friends who will learn with me. Weird, I know, since most of those who watch have never heard of me.

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