Personal Laptops in Schools

I anticipate this will become more and more of an issue and am wondering if others have already had to deal with this.

Students and teachers who bring their own laptops or wireless devices will soon be requesting internet and network access at schools. Questions that come to mind are:

  • What security issues are there?
    • Can they potentially impact the network?
    • Who is responsible for that?
  • Is this any different from school districts that have issued laptops to teachers/students?
    • Or are they configured in such a way as to reduce or limit their potential security issues?
  • Can they just be given internet access without accessing the network?
  • What I.T. support is necessary for this to occur?

I’m sure there are other issues I’ve not considered but since I’ve already been asked about this, I’m hoping some of you have some thoughts.

Image Citation:
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