June 8, 2006

Ditching the laptops

Okay so I’m working hard at trying to get closer to one to one computing. I’d also like to see teachers making better use of the desktops in their classrooms. So when I read this, I’m a little taken back.

We are abandoning the mobile laptop lab/cart paradigm and going back to a regular wired lab. Some of the reasons are:

  1. Slow connectivity speed.
  2. Class time is wasted handing out computers and collecting.
  3. Laptops are more difficult and time consuming to image (you have to set the lab up in order to re-image).
  4. They are more expensive for the same quality machine.
  5. Greater risk for theft.
  6. Poor utilization. Typically a laptop lab will be checked out to only a single teacher for a day, while a separate wired lab is used by multiple teacher throughout the day.

Dr. James Beal Director of Technology Somonauk Community Unit School District #432 Somonauk, IL 60552

I can’t speak to this from experience so those of you with some background (Wes, Cheryl,Will, Dan) maybe you could respond. This seems like a step backwards possibly as a result of some poor planning and support. But I really don’t know. I realize this may not be a true one to one environment but it seems to be closer to a reality of one computer for every child.

Keep your laptops at home

If we continue to cave to the challenges of technology, where will we be in 5 years when kids start bringing their own computers?