I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

As I wrap up another term teaching at the University of Regina, I’m once again grateful for the way a host of people, (known to some as a PLN) are so willing to support my students and me in our learning.

Earlier this semester I sent out a call for teachers and as usual, they responding wonderfully. I had each of my students working with great teachers around the globe on various projects and instructional practices. From what I’ve seen thus far it’s been a wonderful learning experience.

One of my goals in this class was to help my students gain a deeper understanding of connections and get to know other educators on a personal level. I asked a few of them to allow themselves to be interviewed by my students.

Beth Still, Lee Kolbert, Carolyn Foote, Michelle Bourgeois, Chris Harbeck, Jan Smith, Alan Levine, Jeff Utecht, Maria Knee, Diana Laufenberg, Allanah King, Clarence Fisher, Lisa Parisi, Rodd Lucier, Scott S. Floyd, Kathy Cassidy, Meredith Stewart, Silvia Tolisano, Chris Betcher, Chris Craft, Vicki Davis, Julie Lindsay, Brian Crosby

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Have Students, Will Outsource

Amber and Dani

I'll be teaching a new session of advanced computers and technology with pre-service teachers at the University of Regina from January to April. In previous introductory courses I've had my students become mentors for classrooms around this world. The chance for my students to connect with great teachers and becoming involved in classrooms in a variety of ways is often the most powerful learning they experience.

For the upcoming term I'd like to offer my students a chance to take that experience a little bit deeper. Instead of randomly posting to blogs or occasionally Skyping into classrooms, I'd like teachers to suggest a project, or teaching opportunity for my students to explore. 

The project might be a chance to teach a short series of lessons, build some tutorials, create some podcasts or videos. These are some suggestions but generally the idea would be for a group of my students, either pairs or threes would create or make something for you and your students. I"m open to other ideas but want my students to be involved in creating something of value using technology and working with/for a real classroom teacher.  Even if you have a thread of an idea but … Read the rest

My ECMP 355 Comprehensive Assessment

I had the great privilege this winter to teach a group of pre-service teachers at the University of Regina an introductory technology course. I was also blessed with the flexibility to design much of the course. Having done it once before, I was able to tweak a few things and try some new stuff as well. With the university semester wrapping up I thought it best to take time and reflect on my class and my role in supporter my students.

We met 12 times, 8 online and 4 in person. You can see the course outline here if you login as guest you’ll have full access.

Students were evaluated in five areas:

  • 25% on weekly Tech Tasks
  • 25% on their blog
  • 25% on a final project
  • 10% on Blogging Mentorship
  • 15% on Social Learning

Tech Tasks

These were simply assignments in using the various tools we explored in class. Podcasting, setting up various accounts, watching and responding to K12 online sessions and digital storytelling were a few of the task. There were 13 in total. We spent our synchronous time considering pedagogy and for many of them the struggle was in the technology. The challenge of distance learning means … Read the rest