The Ukulele Project Remixed

I originally blogged about this  story almost 3 years ago from CBC Spark. It represents so many wonderful ideas about sharing, connectedness and the shifting role of teacher and education. I'm planning to use it in an upcoming presentation but didn't want to simply play the audio. I spend about an hour finding the right footage and photos and created a pretty simple movie. Again, nothing fancy but if you'd like to use this 3 minute video, you're more than welcome to do so. 


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When technology bites back

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I listened to this podcast last summer but I think the ideas and shifts discussed are worth sharing. Danah boyd and Marc Fisher discuss a couple of issues. First, the implications of student publishing and their perceptions of privacy and communication. The second half of the discussion focuses on teachers and how they choose to be connected to their students.

The complexities of these topics imply more problematiztion rather than definite answers.  The desire for educators to have clear cut responses and answers to a shifting society is becoming more and more moot.  Technology continues to raises at least as many questions as it does answers.

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The original Photo of the Day

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I’m not sure if this is “the” original but listening to the Spark podcast on the plane, I discovered this gem and had to share it.

The story behind how this site was discovered is interesting enough but the fact that Jamie Livingston took almost 7,000 photos for 18 years is astonishing. But the stories behind the photos are gripping. In 18 years in anyone’s life, it will be filled with everything from highly emotional to extremely mundane. This is life. And death. Jamie, a filmmaker from New York city died in October of 1997 at the age of 41. Shortly before he died of cancer, he got engaged. This is the photo of the engagement ring and the blurred figure in the back is his fiance. You can sense the sadness and irony in this image.

So as I approach the halfway point of my photos of the day for one year, I realize more and more that this is a diary of my life. Boring to most, but I’m trying to capture life each day. As I go through this process, I’m convinced more and more … Read the rest

You should be listening to Spark

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My new favourite podcast is Spark. Spark is a podcast about technology and culture. Nora Young features intriguing guests and topics that are so relevant to learning and life. Here’s a couple of stories from recent episodes that has me thinking:

There’s tons more good stuff included in each 27 minute episode. Each show has 4 or 5 stories with extended interviews if you are interested. The format is great, the topics engaging and often leaves you with more questions than answers. Add it to your ipod. It’s time … Read the rest