You’re Allowed

This post was last updated on December 12th, 2011 at 03:15 pm

Reading Seth Godin is a little bit like attending a fancy, high end reception..not necessarily a full meal but lots of juicy, interesting little items to snack on. Like this one:

"How long did it take after the birth of blogs or Twitter for you to begin speaking up? Before this, you had no cheap, easy, allowable way to speak your mind to the world. You weren't allowed. Then you were. And yet most people who use these tools took years to take action and start. "

I would add, "And still many either don't think they're allowed or can't figure out what they need to say."

Many schools and organizations would like to keep you from speaking up. When you speak up to question, initiate or wonder, you cause work and trouble because someone may have to respond, grant/deny permission or defend. The meetings where no one talks are short and efficient. Agenda items get passed, people get out early. Seems like a win-win. Schools are filled with enough challenges that you speaking up is unconsciously seen as trouble. But most of the meetings contain unexpressed thoughts … Read the rest