What face to face is good for

This post was last updated on December 12th, 2011 at 03:16 pm

Teaching a hybrid course of face to face and online, I’ve been asking the question “what is face to face good for?”  We meet 3 times online for every f2f meeting. The f2f meetings for many were the best part. Here’s one of my student’s reflections on our final class.

Last night was so much fun. We had our final class and it was face to face. We had to create a slideshow with fifteen slides each lasting fifteen seconds. It was challenging but lots of fun. Our presentations were all about what we learned over the semester and thinking back really put the semester in perspective for me. Wow have I ever learned a lot.

There is no way I would have stood up in front of a room full of my peers (younger people yes, same or older no) and did a presentation. But last night I felt no fear at all. I know everyone so well even though I have hardly ever seen most of them face to face.

I think the best part of last night was just sitting around eating pizza and talking. I

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ECMP Pecha Kucha Reflection

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This is my second pecha kucha attempt. Last spring I used it for this class as a wrap up and felt it was quite successful and insightful.  My last class is on December 3rd but I thought I’d better model one for my students.

While I tried using the Keynote recording function, I was having trouble exporting to Quicktime and retaining the sound. Not sure what I did wrong. The flash export worked well but when I went home to record, not having a second screen meant not seeing my speaker notes. Doing it “off the cuff” ended up with too many “ums” and “ahs”. Just another reminder of the power of planning and the challenge of audio recording. When you’re under a time crunch you can’t afford to stray.

I finally exported the sans sound quicktime and added the narration in iMovieHD. 

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