10 Disruptions that Can Transform your Classroom

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I gave this presentation a couple of times back in March. Here’s the video from the Palm Beach School District Conference. It was a beautifully run conference (Lee Kolbert and friends rock) and they recorded a number of sessions and recorded them with multi cameras and high quality sound.  I also had the privilege of watching Karl Fisch in action. Enjoy his as well.  Here’s one of my three presentations: 10 Disruptions that can Transform your Classroom. I used Cooliris to build it. (It’s a 300MB file so be patient, click the play button, do some other stuff and wait till you hear my voice)… Read the rest

Presentation Season

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This is presentation season for me. 7 in 12 days at 4 different conferences. I’m nearly done. 4 of the 7 were ones I’d done previously but three were brand new.

Here’s the link to my presentation on Disruptions. I presented this Monday at the IT Summit in Saskatoon and again Friday at the Palm Beach Technology Conference. Totally stolen but also assisted by Alan Levine, I was able to create this using the CoolIris viewer. There is a quick publishing tool you can download if you’re only using images. Adding the video becomes tricky. Videos must be .flv. After building it I found out the drop.io might allow you to do the same thing without all the geekiness. That made me sad after the hours I spent tinkering. I’ll get over it.

In addition to this presentation I did 2 others for the Palm Beach Conference. These are revamped presentations I’ve done before with several updates.

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