Telling the New Story…Year 3

This post was last updated on September 5th, 2011 at 11:04 am

This podcast goes way back to 2006 when I first interviewed Darren, Clarence and Kathy. Since that time, I interviewed them last year as well have had the three of them talk to a couple of my classes and various other PD events.

Here are the links to the other podcasts in case you missed it:

The post that inspired it all.

I’m always thrilled to chat with these people as I think they represent so much of what good teaching and learning looks like. I’m excited to say that next week the three of them will unite for the first time in Winnipeg. Those will also be some great conversations

This is also my first crack at an enhanced podcast. If you view this in itunes, you’ll have the ability to skip ahead or easily access chapters.… Read the rest

“Where’s the mouse on this thing?

This post was last updated on September 5th, 2011 at 11:04 am

I’ve been on a bit of a Clay Shirky kick for the past couple of months. I’m about half way through “Here Comes Everybody“, been reading his blog, watched a nice video of a recent lecture and trying to synthesize his ideas.

The older concept that struck me in a new way is the fact that while many understand the significant shift in society that is just beginning, many see it as a fad, including educators. Shirky, interviewed by a TV producer about a possible guest appearance defends the producers claim that all this social media was a fad.

I was arguing that this isn’t the sort of thing society grows out of. It’s the sort of thing that society grows into. But I’m not sure she believed me, in part because she didn’t want to believe me, but also in part because I didn’t have the right story yet. And now I do.

I was having dinner with a group of friends about a month ago, and one of them was talking about sitting with his four-year-old daughter watching a DVD. And in the

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