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ReadyYesterday I stood in the gym of a local elementary school to watch my 10 year old daughter play volleyball. Both teams were made up 5th and 6th grade girls who are in their infancy when it comes to playing volleyball. As a result, anyone one that could serve the ball over the net was 95% guaranteed they would win the point. There were the occasional returns and even one rally that consisted of the ball going over the net 3 times before hitting the floor.

As a sports enthusiast it was painful. As a parent, it was exciting.

The gym was pretty much full of parents, grandparents and brothers and sisters crowded around the perimeter of the gymnasium. What struck me was the unbridled joy and encouragement for both teams and the cheers with every effort put forth. It kind of gives that warm fuzzy feeling inside, not often associated with sports. Parents and children well behaved and excited to be learning a new sport.

So I’m back to thinking about stages. I can’t say for sure but I’m doubtful any kids were left off the … Read the rest

K12 Online 2009 Begins

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Even though I’m not a convener this year I hope you’ll take advantage of this great learning opportunity. I also don’t mind the fact that this event includes two of my Saskatchewan colleagues. 😉



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Please join us on September 26, 2009
for the first live event of the
K12Online Conference

On September 26, 2009, the K12Online Conference in partnership with EdTechTalk will host a worldwide, sychronous “LAN party” (free web meet-up) from 2:00PM EDT (6:00PM GMT) to 5:00PM EDT (9:00PM GMT). Organizers encourage educators around the world to get together with colleagues and engage in lively, online discussions during this time using links provided by EdTechTalk. Past presentations will be shown, and participants are invited to engage in live conversations about the presentations with the featured presenters during and following each session. A K12Online Conference overview is scheduled at the EdTechTalk website 30 minutes prior to the LAN party. This event provides an

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Telling the New Story Year 4

A month ago I had the privilege of presenting the “Telling the New Story:Live” with Darren, Clarence and Kathy at the IT Summit.

We’ve been meeting for 3 years talking about teaching and learning and how their classrooms are evolving.  There story continues to inspire and encourage others in their making learning better for students.

Here are the slides and the audio is below:

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IT Summit Summary

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I’m just back from the IT Summit conference. In general, it was an outstanding conference in many respects.


Without trying to list the names of everyone, it’s apparent for most users of social media that face to face gathering times have changed in the past few years. I used to go to conferences and mingle with local colleagues and a few others I’d met a various functions and committees but there wasn’t much of a community. Now we meet people we’ve never seen and can enter in to meaningful discussion since all the banter and small talk takes place  in other spaces.

This conference brings together not only educators and administrators but also IT. I certainly commend our own IT team for focusing on students but not all do. This is a great way to have them understand that their clients are students and it’s a highly complex task to provide safe, secure environments that also enable them to have the access needed to use the tools that help them learn.


I’ve heard David Warlick live a couple of times but I must say this … Read the rest

A Missing Piece

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The Ahead of the Curve conference features some major players in educational research. Thomas Guskey and Doug Reeves to name a few.

For me, it’s more of the same in the area of assessment and learning and change. All good but really nothing new. As a leader in a school division I’m reminded of what is needed for change to occur.  Reeves sites these 4 as the main strategies:

  1. Compelling Questions…trust teachers to ask good questions about what needs to be done. Answers need to address, “What’s in it for me?”
  2. Action Research…teacher practice improves when you implement and reflect
  3. Public Exposition…sharing successes
  4. Evidence-Based Decisions….use your own data and successes to inform next steps

The glaring omission was the referencing of technology to achieve this change. While each of these strategies lend themselves to some obvious uses of technology, I was particularly focused on number 3. Reeves talked about the power of celebration and recognition for achievement. He talked about filling trophy cases with more than athletic trophies and including science projects or other student work. I thought of this:

There’s no question that technology, when used correctly … Read the rest