Pay Attention to These Folks

John Pederson is a fan of asking “Who has your attention?”   I would add to that and say, “Stop looking for great resources and start looking for great people”. I have no shortage of great people in my life many of whom are well known people in education and technology. But I love to share and find hidden gems, people that you may not be paying attention to but ought to. Here are three:

Darren Kuropatwa

Darren actually is fairly well known as a great presenter, storyteller, Math teacher and inventor of the Scribe Post. But lately he’s been doing something that’s inspired me in a few different ways and you may not be familiar with what he’s been up to. After many discussions around the challenge of blogging, Darren has been playing with an app called Social Cam and has been using it to offer daily or almost daily reflections of his learning called “While Walking”. Not only are these often provocative ideas that has enabled him to practice active reflection but it’s helped make him stronger connections in his local community. I’ve used this tool now a few times and have plans to incorporate it into our Read the rest

We’re all in Grade 4

Ever since I saw John say this I've been using it in pretty much ever talk I've given since then:


There's a humility in this statement that resonates me. It often seems like folks are looking for answers or solutions in this messiness we're currently in. I'd suggest we've always lived in messiness but it's simply more exposed. To that end we're seeing all kinds of experimentation and exploration to find some semblance of peace and stability in a world seemily void of that. And while some thrive in the messiness and uncertainity, others push back looking for a simpler, more satisfying existence. I watch with fascination sometimes at both of these approaches. 

The New York Times published an article recently about a school in Vermont cutting themselves off from technology. People often assume that I would reject an idea like this and that you have to choose sides in this debat.e. I think that's a false dichotomy. In fact, this article offers a couple of ideas that really stand out. 

True to its mission of encouraging “collaborative learning and shared work,” the school asked its students and alumni to develop a technology policy that will determine whether

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Who’s Got My Attention?

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John Pederson is slightly obsessed with this question and Ewan recently explored this idea as well. I see the Edublog awards are upon us. I'm not going to provide you with my lists but instead offer you some people I've been paying attention to and why you might too. While there are many folks that have my attention pretty much everyday, I hope I can offer you some people that deserve a bigger audience. I remember when Scott Mcleod did this a time or two. 

Shelley Wright. Shelley is a local teacher who recently started telling her story of change. If you want honesty, transparency and some inspiration from a classroom teacher making big shifts this is the blog for you. Start here.

Zac Chase

Photo by Jschinker

Zac Chase. Okay so there's a bit of a trend here in that these are both High School English teachers. Not that they write exclusively about their classes but Zac is just a smart dude that folks ought to pay attention to. Start here.

Chris Kennedy

Photo by: Mola

Chris Kennedy. Chris is a rare breed. A superintendent
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