I've not wrtten ia post about a tool in a long time. Mostly because I usually don't think about it that much and other people do a better job writing about it than I do anyway. But I've been using If This, Then That for a few months and quite like how it's helped my work flow. Will asked a few of us how we're using it and rather than try and cram it in a few tweets figured I could blog about it. Blogging is quite lovely thing for stuff like this. 😉

Let me share the tasks I've set up and why I use them..


I had a number of plugins that were supposed to autotweet new blog posts to twitter but they often failed. I've used the little cheesy phrase, "I've got something to share(ski)…." and it's easy to add that text in this task. It works well. 

One I hardly if ever use. I'm not very active on Facebook and really only have a presence there because of family. I thought I might occasionally have tweets using a #fb tag to go their but I never think of it. May be I wll someday. 

There's some controversy around this task. A few people I know, have thought this is kind of any "icky" thing. I get that, but after some thought I think it's useful. While it is a generic message to all new followers, it does make sure they are clear how I use twitter. Many expect me to be all serious and post awesome links all day. Instead they find I don't and perhaps at first glance think it's useless, which I admit it might be. This is the DM they receive:

FYI, I tweet about learning but I also tweet silly stuff. I do it purposefully. http://t.co/ITuMf5Y Nice to meet you.

So far I like it and have received feedback that many like it. Some I'm sure don't but I do think it's a way of establishing trust and transparency. I'm even toying with the idea of a video intro. Not to send them to my stuff or anything but simply to explain to people the way I use twitter. 

Just a way to capture favorite tweets. I even specify a notebook and tag for the tweet to fall into. 

I'm still a big google reader guy so this is a fast way to tweet good stuff in my reader. I do have to use the "add a note" part of GR otherwise it's just a link with no context. 

This is the way I largely use facebook My daily photo of the day gets posted. It's actually made me go there more as people will often comment on the pictures. One thing that's weird is it often uses the wrong thumbnail inside Facebook. Not sure why. 

The difference between this one and the other one that goes to Evernote, is that it only grabs favorite tweets that contain a link. The reason I make it private is because I don't really want the tweet, I just want the link. I'll strip out the tweet and make the link public. I need a way to streamline this because it's an extra step at this point. 

I use Evernote to build presentations and I'll star items in GR that I want to explore for presentations. 

If I could find a way to post back to Google Plus, i might use it more. This one posts to twitter from Google plus. I'm not a big plus user yet but this might serve me well at some point. Really would like to be able to get content into plus. 


Not sure I need this one as i tweet out new videos but as my tweet says, "you might see it on my blog soon" Most of the videos I post to youtube I end up blogging about anyway. I may scrap this one.



So there are 10 recipes/tasks I'm currently using. I'm still getting to know all the options of ifttt but I really think it's got big potential. 

In the spirit of blogging about 3 years ago, I'm going to tag some ifttt users to write about their tasks. I'd like to learn more.

Will Richardson

Danika Barker

Doug Peterson

Royan Lee

Jim Pedrech

Brian Ball

I actually forget how these memes work but if you're a ifttt using please blog about it and link back here so we can easily gather all the various uses.