A Scotsman and 5 Canadians walk into a bar…..EdTech Posse 4.5

Leave it to Rob Wall to have his handy microphone ready for a podcast with Ewan Mcintosh. After 6 hours of work with teachers, we were ready for a break and what better place to spend a hot August afternoon that in a local Scottish tavern with our visitor. Rob, Alec Couros and I along with Cindy Seibel and Kyle Licthenwald picked Ewan’s giant brain for a few minutes prior to our evening event.

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The buzz at Tlt 2008

I’ve been looking forward to this conference for a long time. It’s been about learning, celebrating and having a lot of fun. For a province of one million, we’ve put together quite a line up of people. In no particular order, some random thoughts:

  • Twitter is real. Meeting f2f people like D’arcy Norman, Brian Lamb, Jennifer Jones, George Siemens and Cindy Seibel as well as those who live her in Saskatchewan is cool and slightly surreal. I spend more time with these people than the majority of people I’d consider my working colleagues. Some might view that as sad, I don’t.
  • Back channeling provides push back. Whether it’s in twitter, ustream chats or informal discussions, no one gets away with much. Generally I agree with Alan November’s talk and position but am glad I have to think deeply about things.
  • We could use an open space format. Alan November says, “it’s not about the technology” and George Siemens says, “it is about the technology” How about the two of them unwrap that idea in an informal discussion. Add Stephen Downes into the mix and you’ve got something. I’d be there in a minute.
  • I hope I make
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