It’s personal

For some of you reading this, you understand this but some of you and many of the people you work or live with can’t imagine how any people can form deep connections with others they’ve never met and in some cases never communicating with directly.

CBC Spark, devoted a good part of a recent episode to this very idea. You’d do well to listen and subscribe to this thought provoking podcast.

The story of Daemon Fairless building a bike demonstrates the idea that the culture of sharing is becoming really important to many of us. Although Daemon’s interaction at first was distant, he was simply culling information and resources, he wanted to do more, to reach and say thank you. When he wasn’t able to do so, (listen to the segment to find out why) it bothered him. He made a connection and naturally wanted to deepen it. We’re born to share.

The story of Eva Markvoort is a wonderfully sad story about sharing, dying and connection. As she chronicles her life and death with Cystic Fibrosis, you can’t help but be connected to her. Never before have we been able to witness first hand the experiences of … Read the rest