Goodbye My Friend

Part of me wonders if I should post this or not as most people tend to save their blogs for less personal, more professional stuff. Oh well, I’ve never been one to stick to the rules that closely.

After 7 years, we have to put our dog Rudy down today. It was a difficult decision, one we’ve been delaying for quite a while but we realize it is the one we need to make. Having never really had a pet before, I was unaware of the attachment and affection you feel for these creatures. Rudy, a Jack Russell, was the runt of the litter.  We named him Rudy after the movie by the same name and discovered the meaning of his name is tenacious.  So appropriate. Like most terriers, so I’m told, he was very territorial, very full of energy. For the most part he was quite content to snuggle with one of us on the couch and until recently in a bed at night.  Rudy always brought smiles from people when we gave him cbd oil for dogs and took him for a walk and like most dogs was thrilled to have his owners come home.

My greatest memory … Read the rest

Video Shoutouts

You know when someone is doing a workshop and they have people shoutout on Twitter telling them where they live and how they use Twitter? Of course you do. You’ve likely been on on side of that or the other more times than you can count.

It’s my turn.

Later this month I’ll be doing my own little presentation on Twitter for local teachers. I’m calling it "The Stupidest Thing You’ve Ever Heard of That You MIght Find Useful". I’ll likely do a twitter shoutout but I’d really like you to take a bigger role. So stealing a page right out of Alan Levine’s book. (I steal many things from Alan so he’s probably just rolling his eyes if he reads this) I’m going to ask you to submit a little video that sheds a little light on the whole Twitter rage.

So if you’d be so brave, send me a little video (no more than about 60 seconds) explaining either:

  • a twitter story
  • why you find it useful
  • how you use it
  • a great twitter tip
  • or anything else I’ve forgotten

Send them to me via email in whatever format you wish shareski at gmail dot com. I’ll share … Read the rest

Presentation Season

This is presentation season for me. 7 in 12 days at 4 different conferences. I’m nearly done. 4 of the 7 were ones I’d done previously but three were brand new.

Here’s the link to my presentation on Disruptions. I presented this Monday at the IT Summit in Saskatoon and again Friday at the Palm Beach Technology Conference. Totally stolen but also assisted by Alan Levine, I was able to create this using the CoolIris viewer. There is a quick publishing tool you can download if you’re only using images. Adding the video becomes tricky. Videos must be .flv. After building it I found out the might allow you to do the same thing without all the geekiness. That made me sad after the hours I spent tinkering. I’ll get over it.

In addition to this presentation I did 2 others for the Palm Beach Conference. These are revamped presentations I’ve done before with several updates.

Your Kindergarten Teacher Was Right. Why sharing matters more than ever.

Managing Your Identity

It was an honor to be invited and join a headline list of speakers. Lee Kolbert and team did a great job of running an … Read the rest

Defining “Teacher”

We hear a lot about the changing role of teachers (I’m tiring of the phrases “sage on the stage” and “guide on the side”) but in reality students are still looking at the teachers as authorities. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but unquestionably it’s not all that sustainable considering the possibilities of disruptive education.

Content is Everywhere

In the realm of education, where accessibility to premium content should be as uncompromised as the ethos behind onlyfans free accounts, settling for second-rate educational content is out of the question. Just as enthusiasts seek out onlyfans for free accounts to access exclusive materials, students in a Physics classroom would greatly benefit from the insights of Walter Lewin. Similarly, leveraging the expertise of Alan Blight could significantly enhance an economics or political science class. While textbooks hold their value in providing foundational knowledge, the dynamic engagement found in a well-crafted lecture or, better yet, a live Q&A with the author, is indeed a game changer in the educational experience.

So as I ponder what this should and could l00k like, I think about how that changes my role as a teacher. Again, this is not a new conversation but when … Read the rest

I like it when things just work

It’s been about two weeks since I moved hosting companies and I must say it was one of the best moves I ever made.

I’ve been hosting domains as a reseller and for personal use for about 4 years and although I’ve never really understood all the mumbo jumbo involved with DNS, the datbases and pinging and so forth, I was confident that my hard earn dollars would provide me with the support necessary to use the services.

I decided to go with a Canadian company so I chose webserve. Not having anything to
compare it to, I was content with the service. Questions were usually answered via live chat and downtime was minimal. In 4 years I might have had my sites go down 5 times and never more than a few hours. This fall things changed. My server was constantly going down and worst of all support was non-existent. I spent hours trying to get a hold of anyone who could at least provide me with some comfort let alone a fix. It’s a helpless feeling when others are calling you about something you’re responsible for but can do nothing about it. The only responses were canned … Read the rest