Video Shoutouts

You know when someone is doing a workshop and they have people shoutout on Twitter telling them where they live and how they use Twitter? Of course you do. You’ve likely been on on side of that or the other more times than you can count.

It’s my turn.

Later this month I’ll be doing my own little presentation on Twitter for local teachers. I’m calling it "The Stupidest Thing You’ve Ever Heard of That You MIght Find Useful". I’ll likely do a twitter shoutout but I’d really like you to take a bigger role. So stealing a page right out of Alan Levine’s book. (I steal many things from Alan so he’s probably just rolling his eyes if he reads this) I’m going to ask you to submit a little video that sheds a little light on the whole Twitter rage.

So if you’d be so brave, send me a little video (no more than about 60 seconds) explaining either:

  • a twitter story
  • why you find it useful
  • how you use it
  • a great twitter tip
  • or anything else I’ve forgotten

Send them to me via email in whatever format you wish shareski at gmail dot com. I’ll share your story both during my presentation and some place online.

If you’re really too shy to record yourself, leave a comment.

Now go watch Alan’s finished product of Amazing Stories.

cc licensed flickr photo shared by shareski