Episode 58: Does Everyone Need to Code?

It began with this tweet:

I hear some suggest everyone should learn to code. Ok. But should everyone learn basic woodworking? electrical work? cooking? plumbing? automotive? Those are all good things but is time part of the issue? How do all these good things get taught? Just thinking out loud.— Dean Shareski (@shareski) September 10, 2018

When I say “thinking out loud” that’s not some kind of coy add-on, I truly am curious and enjoy hearing a broad range of perspectives. Gary Stager offered to take a deeper dive into this statement and so myself, Gary and Shana White took a stab at it. 

Gary referenced this slide as he shared:

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A Lesson for Administrators

_MG_3000 wil p via Compfight

It's been over 5 years since Randy Pausch delivered his last lecture. If  somehow it passed you by, watch the video and even get the book.  As I was preparing for some work with administrators I recalled a short story from the lecture. I've trimmed it and would be happy to see others share this little story with other leaders. There's a simple but powerful lesson here. One that has the potential to empower others. Know any leaders like this?

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