A Day in the Life

After rummaging around Will Richardson’s blog, I amazed at the depth of content considering that he has a full time job. (Check out his notes)

People often say to me, “You have too much time on your hands.” usually in reference to some type of fun type of project or experiment I’m working on or “When do you sleep?”. So I thought I’d break down a typical day in terms of how technology specifically impacts my day to day world.

Tuesday, March 1st, 2005

8:25 Began my work day as usual by checking email and repsonding to email. Voice mail is on the decline.
9:10 Received a fax from a teacher needing some ideas placed in a PowerPoint for a meeting in the afternoon. I would prefer it sent electronically but I understand everyone’s not there yet.
9:15 Worked on PowerPoint for the afternoon Assessment workshop. My role in the meeting was minimal so I simply created an agenda
10:00 Created an online secure space for the Teacher’s local agreement in Dreamweaver. I had never used a password protected area and although our techs set it up, I had to convert the document to PDF, link and upload.
10:15 … Read the rest