Delight 11: Not Capturing the Moment

In case you weren’t aware, people and their phones can be a bit problematic. If you’re one of the rare breeds who is happy with the relationship you have with your phone, I bow to you. But most people I know are working to get better and even break up with their phone.

I read Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport a few months ago and am working on a number of the ideas from that book. One thing I’m doing more is not bringing my phone with me when I leave the house, particularly when I know there might be a reason to bring it. Taking my granddaughter Harriet for a walk in the neighbourhood is certain to bring a moment worth capturing. Occasionally I’ll forget my phone but instead of rushing back to get it, I’ll leave it. What I still have to resist is the urge to reach for it to capture something she’s doing. But then I’m quickly whisked back into her world and to live it with her. Sometimes we come back and relive the mini-adventure with her mom or grandma and without the aid of a visual spend more time describing what we did and what we saw.

I’m a big fan of Dr. Laurie Santos and the Happiness Lab podcast. This episode dives deep into the idea of sharing and capturing the moment and helps find a nice balance and purpose around it that I hadn’t quite considered. The museum of ice cream is one such place where phones aren’t allowed and its philosophy and experience help explain further why not capturing moments can have to be a wonderful thing.

I don’t write this to try and tell anyone what they should or shouldn’t do with their phone or to even humble brag because I have nothing to brag about. I’m also trying to avoid feeling like I’m somehow superior or most disciplined than others. I’m far from either. But I do take delight in being outside without the reliable appendage that I am truly grateful for. It’s not that you can’t do both, you can and I do most of the times but it just was delightful to watch her do something and value it.