Guitar Lesson 8

Where’s the joy? I’m a bit disappointed to see a lack of joy in my own student’s learning projects. It could be my fault, I’m not sure. But for me I find great joy in this learning. I picked my project and love the process. I wish that for my students. Why isn’t there joy? Maybe my forcing them to pick something to learn isn’t very joyful. Then again, they’re going to spending much of their life helping others to learn, I would hope they could find joy in their own learning.  Anyway, thanks for watching, I hope you can at least laugh at me or hopefully laugh with me as I learn. 

Here’s five more of my students. Ask them about joy or anything. 5 minutes to encourage a future teacher would likely be a good investment of your time and theirs. 

Adam…learning to climb

Colby….relearning piano

Kaylen…learning to speak French

Justin…learning Python, the programming language